Nominations - Entire production





Micheal H. Galloway (United States)


On photo - # 21. Oil and paper sticker on paper. 170x125 cm. 2015.

Galloway's production focuses on the action of painting rather than on the final goal. In this particular series, the artist delimits the drawing sheet with the paper scotch tape. Once the painting is done, he removes the pieces of scotch tape stained by the brush during the painting and re-use them to make another painting. The scotch tape, unintentionally coloured in the previous creation, now becomes the only important artwork. 






Sculpture and installation

Daniel Baumann (Switzerland)


On photo - Manhattan. Wood. 2019.

Fascinated by everything that has something to do with nature and its elements, the artist is attentive to the climate changes that are worrying our planet. In the "Manhattan" work, he wanted to focus on the effects of exhaust fumes on the woods. The artist hermetically closed a piece of wood inside a gas-chambre of his invention (which reproduces the exhaust gas of 7 cars) for 4 weeks. The visible effect in his installation reveals us the whole truth.





Eliška Zima (Czech Republic)


On photo - Nesnáším hluboko. Photography - Digital. Width 70.30 | Height 84.10. 2019.

"Deep hate" is a part of the production of the Czech photographer in which all the visual aspects that normally appear on a photograph are deliberately erased to leave space to the indifference. The main object of her photos is the empty space between people and their feelings. Impossible to photograph, but present in all her shots. 




Other media

Vinícius Correia (Brazil)


On photo - Untitle. Yarn bombing - 2017.

"Yarn bombling" is a recent artistic discipline where urban objects are "dressed" with coloured fabrics. In his personal vision the Brazilian artist dedicates his creations only to objects without life. Whether they are old trees, broken cars, or other dead objects, the artist intends to give them a second life, speaking to them with bright and colourful fabrics.



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