Nominations - Individual projects





Melissa Edwards (United States)


Crumbling Canvas. Oil on canvas. 130,00x130,00 cm. 2018.

The canvas is first completely painted with monochromes of various oil colours. Then it is hand-rubbed and afterwards, placed on frames of various sizes. Once dry (after about 2/3 months), the canvas hardens and will no longer lose its shape. 






Sculpture and installation

Yi Min He (South Korea)


Physical deconstruction in plaster. Variable dimensions. Chalk, glue, powder pigments. 2016/2019.

The artist uses his sculptures in plaster, clay or other inert materials to perform a ready-made operation with his own works. The original sculptures are destroyed and then re-proposed as a form of a new sculpture with the same ideals, material and weight. Only the form will be different.





María Victoria Ramírez (Spain)


°40° 24' 59 N - -3° 42' 9 O. Analogue photography printed on Xray paper. 72x56cm each. 2017.

Through the observation of the elements of nature, such as the sky or the sea, the artist sees disturbing elements. His attention thus focuses on the contrast between the extreme natural element and the frequent and disturbing human presence. A basic disorder, which now haunts us and which has almost completely removed the superiority of natural elements.




Other media

Wolfgang Binder - IKO (Austria)


Analphabeten Alphabet. Laser engraving on marble. 7493 characters. 232,00x113,00 cm. 2019.

"Analphabeten Alphabet" is the paradox of our society 2.0. An algorithm invented by the artist translates the normal texts inserted into a new alphabet. The characters that the algorithm uses to replace words and types, are randomly taken from real alphabets (Babylonian, Hebrew, Cuneiform, Arabic, Egyptian). The result is a text that can't never be understood. An illiterate alphabet. The text is then transferred to a laser used for engraving on marble slabs.



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